Art Market 12:00 - 17:00

Join the art market and explore the beauty and uniqueness of the vulva through a diverse collection of vulva-themed art created by artists.

is a state of fluidity,
for tenderness,
for being open,
for intimacy,
for growth.
We are HALFNAAKT, a collective of visual artists who make work
about sexuality in the broadest sense. We exhibited, among others,
at Vincent on Friday in the Van Gogh Museum and the Sex Festival in
TivoliVredenburg. In addition, we have launched an online educational
sex-positive platform in collaboration with VOOS, which can be seen
on www.voos.nl/leertuin-overzicht. As a collective of visual artists we
strive towards a world in which we can freely explore our sexuality and
identity. In which we can be vulnerable, take off our clothes, or put hem back on. 
A world in which we listen to each other, without judgment. Where we keep talking, 
experimenting and never stop learning.
In our diverse visual work we aim to open up conversations around
pleasure, sex, sensuality and selfhood. Our visual identity is colorful
and bold. We don’t limit ourselves to a medium and experiment with
different ways of portraying our vision; through illustration, sculpture,
video work, print, etc. We organize events, workshops, exhibitions,
create online spaces and visual identities for sex positive brands or



In this workshop by Levi (he/him) and Rots (they/them), you will research your masculine and feminine sides in a playful artistic way. Where do they intersect? Where do they exclude? What is masculinity and femininity to you? Through writing and collaging images we will dive into the depths of gender identity. You will work with different materials, such as drawing, collaging, writing, and more.


Jeff van Reen* (also known as Jeff the Queer Turtle) is a spoken word artist who uses poetry and rhythm to create a raw connection with audience.
She doesn’t shy away from any topic; the beautiful ones like love, feasting, and
friendship, to the heavy ones like death, violence and illness, and everything in between.
He wholeheartedly b
elieves in the power of vulnerability and fully exposes himself on stage.
Their ultimate goal is to be human and conne
ct with other humans by building bridges under which stigmas can float away.

Jeff will perform a spoken word piece about having a vulva as someone who isn’t a woman

*Jeff uses all pronouns: he/she/they

Through her erotic work and sensuality & intimacy coaching, Honey (she/her) empowers and guides individuals and couples to reclaim their erotic power, release shame and fear and feel more confident expressing their sensuality and sexuality. As an erotic artist & performer, she communicates her vision of normalizing and celebrating nude bodies and all the different forms and expressions of human sexuality while equally emphasizing that sexuality, eroticism and sensuality are not only natural forces but can also exist in a deeply spiritual lane.

The Honey Experience Live is an intimate and sensual experience. An erotic dream world where Honey indulges in the fullness of her sensual expression of self while the audience is being stimulated to evoke their deepest thoughts and emotions and surrender to them.

Soula is coming back!!

Soula Notos is a theatermaker and performer of various styles: storytelling, spoken word, comedy, acting. She performed her solo “Who are you when no one is looking?” at various storytelling festivals (Oslo, Amsterdam, Prague, London) and also at Oerol and Festival Boulevard. She is part of the Mezrab team of storytellers and hosts.
Her work explores themes of migration, gender, belonging, identity, power, empowerment, and freed
om. She tries to connect, to change, to make people laugh, and to make visible what has stayed invisible. She wants to remember. Come and listen to a wonderful story by talented Soula.

Watch a wonderful performance that incorporates elements of vogue, slay and striptease. 

Viva La Vulva Festival