About Us

I am brave.
I am strong and mighty.
I am an inspiration.
I'm a pussy.

Vulvas are Vivacious - Let's celebrate the Vulva

For everyone who wants to celebrate the Vulva!

Join us to experience art, crafts, music and stories inspired by the Vulva!

Some of us link shame and anxiety to talking openly about the VULVA! Well, that does not need to be the case anymore – we are here to celebrate the magnificent bundle of nerves and flesh that is the delicious, the vivacious, the fantastic VULVA!

Join this movement and diminish your fear – banish your demons and make peace with the vulva! In fact make friends with the VULVA.

Of course, the Vulva also has an established connection across endless stories and cultures to childbirth, sex, menstruation and women. In many languages, the word pussy is still an offensive slur and a curse word, it is associated with weakness, cowardice and filth. But the Vulva is more than that!

Join us and celebrate Vulva diversity and the moment when the word pussy no longer stands for weakness.

Viva la Vulva!

Viva La Vulva Festival